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Insurance rate cuts likely to re-steepen 2-10Y UST yield curve at the initial stage, bolster DXY Index: Scotiabank

insurance rate cuts could re-steepen the 2-10Y UST yield curve at the initial stage, bolstering the DXY Index. However, without an aggressive stance on further reductions, the steepening trend could reverse along with escalating risk Aversion, according to the latest research report from Scotiabank.

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FxWirePro: EUR/GBP Catalysts In Sync With OTC Hedging Bids Deploy 3-Way Straddles

The euro has been considerably downgraded again on the heels of a dovish
ECB and more poor growth data. German GDP contracted in 2Q as expected, and our economists have subsequently revised down their growth expectations for the coming year.

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FxWirePro: EUR/GBP Wedged Between ECBs Dovish Rhetoric and Hard-Brexit Fear Directional Hedging Vehicle

EURGBP’s 1-year forecast at 0.84 level reflects modest underperformance vs forwards. The near-term bearish stance remains the highest conviction part of the view.

Despite the softer data, the easing regime-shift by the ECB is not yet fully reflected in positioning or valuations yet in our view.

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Crypto Technicals: XLM/USD bearish trend intact, hits multi-month lows at 0.06542

XLM/USD chart - Trading View

Exchange - Kraken

Support: 0.0632 (Lower BB); Resistance: 0.0737 (21-EMA)

Technical Analysis: Bias Bearish

Stellar Lumens extends weakness, hits multi-month lows at 0.06542.

Bearish trend intact.

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JGB yields deteriorate as Asian markets await to digest FOMCs July meeting minutes; trade deal eyed

.The Japanese government bond yields deteriorated at close of morning session Thursday as Asian markets are yet to digest the FOMC July meeting minutes, released overnight amid ongoing global economic disturbances.

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